Snail Bob 2

snail bob 2

Snail bob 2 is a game about hunting the hamster and it has come back with the bang.  It is now offering more fun and more puzzles and it has new graphics that are incredible.  You can now play the new game with more fun and new saga. Snail Bob starts with the present of the birthday of Grandpa. However, the road to take snail bob to his grandfather is full of dangers. It is important to solve the puzzles in order to figure out what it is going to take place so that he can reach to the birthday party.


The instructions of the game are about pressing the keys using the keyboard and to pull or to rotate levers. When you press at 1, you are going to make Bob to move using the normal speed while when you press on 2, you are going to make his speed double. When you click at the snail, you are going to make him to move even further. You may use the time given to figure out what it is going on yandere simulator. You may use many tools that can help snail Bob to go to his way.

You should clear the 25 levels so that you may help Snail Bob to be able to reach to the destiny he had. However, to be able to get the present of grandpa, you should clear all the 8 levels in order to get the present to give to small Snail Bob.

snail bob 2


Within the game, the amusing sound track can keep the person entertained. You may turn it off if you are not feeling to listen to it. The developers had done the best job when it comes to using their graphics.  You are going to laugh out when you see how the characters express themselves.  Creative minds for the developers can give the miraculous touch to all the characters in the entire game. You may play snail bob in order to reach to a new gaming experience.


Game Play

Snail bob 2 is unique puzzle game based on the flash. The game is about a snail and sometime you may think that it is boring to deal with the snail but difficult obstacles, interactive puzzles, interesting enemies make the game interesting. As you continue to play, the game is going to get even harder and range of the challenges may include launching of the snails within the air and pushing the button or pulling of the levers in order to get more pathways while avoiding the dangers.  The game can be played by new people or the people who are experienced. Sometime the children can also play it.  In order to support this, the controls are too simple. The controls do revolve around the use of the keys in order to slow down or speed up the snail movement.  You can also use the left mouse button so that you can interact with the new objects within the environment. When you click at Bob, you will be able to make him to stay while you will be thinking through the puzzle and what dangers he is about to face.